C'est La Bee

Natural skin care, made with help from the bees

Protects your skin with
pure beeswax and natural, organic oils and butters.
Use daily to maintain healthy skin.

 Heals dry, problem skin issues.
Treat yourself from head to toe
Enjoy the benefits of pure beeswax and 'good for you' ingredients.

Perfume free. 
Scents are from essential oils and organic butters.

 No Petrochemicals, Perfumes, Parapens or Phthalates


Educational Bee Program

How is honey made?

What is pollination?

Honeybee biology and life stages

Who lives in a hive?

How bees get their buzz?

How to harvest honey

How bees communicate

Why are bees in trouble?

How many flowers does it take to make one pound of honey?



Educational Bee Programs
Sharing honeybee information and experiences, makes for a fun and informative program.

This interactive program both entertains and educates children and adults and is adaptable for all ages. 
Perfect for a class lesson, library event, or garden club meeting, participants hear the details of who lives and works in the hive,  to exactly how bees make honey.

The story of the honeybee is fun and informative for all.

What to expect:  Presentation time works best for an hour, fifteen minutes.  This allows time for set up, presentation, and a discussion period that includes suiting up a volunteer in beekeeping gear--- and maybe a honey tasting.

Grade level material: The material is visual and the topics are adapted to age 5 and up.
Content includes areas of bee biology, the history of bees how we can help the honeybees.
Hands-on props include: frames of drawn comb, beekeeping equipment, different honey varieties and propolis.

Presentation information:  Standard classroom spaces work well.  A screen for a PowerPoint® presentation, projector, & visual aids are required. 

A typical class size (up to 30) allow for plenty of interaction and answering questions.

 Individuals allergic to bee stings should not handle equipment.

No live bees attend...When possible, a few ‘expired’ bees do come along, to allow close up inspection

For more information or schedule programs, contact Lynn at Bmail@cestlabee.com

Single Program Fee: $120
Two Programs: $220
Three Programs: $290
(Discounted programs are same day)

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